37 percent of high school seniors failed to lose their virginity at graduation party due to coronavirus restrictions


DETROIT, MICHIGAN – The ban on mass events has prevented 37 percent of seniors to lose their virginity during their graduation parties.

Thousands of students, who did not have time to lose their virginity during their school years, have used the graduation party as their last chance. Such behavior has been practiced in most regions of the country.  

The latest study reveals that due to the restrictions on mass events at least 37 percent of Detroit high school students failed to lose their virginity at this year graduation party.

Parents of graduates are deeply worried that now their sons and daughters will have to run around the admissions commissions and fight for places in universities without having lost their virginity before university years.

Instead on focusing on their future studies, their virgin minds will be occupied with depressing thoughts and hesitations about the potential teasing by non-virgin freshmen.

Study shows that this year most of virgin graduates feel deep disappointment about their graduation party. The long-waited event of losing the virginity that was supposed to take place on the night of graduation, totally failed because of the coronavirus restrictions and ban on mass events.

In addition, also the Freshman Day is also in jeopardy. An increase in corona virus deaths and low rates of vaccination may lead to the dismissal of students for distance learning and the cancellation of extracurricular activities.  The parents of the graduates are considering organizing illegal parties for former schoolchildren, but the Michigan Department of Education has already promised to stop such parties in co/operation with local police.

* Picture: pexels.com

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