An Egyptian excavator driver nominated as ‘The Person of the Year 2021’ by Time Magazine

Person of the year

The Person of the Year was nominated 32-years old Youssef Mahmoud, an Egyptian excavator driver, whose hard work helped to release the container ship Ever Given stuck in the Suez Canal.

Youssef Mahmoudi works daily as an excavator driver for a company that operates the Suez Canal. It was his hard work that the container ship Ever Given, operated by the international transport company Evergreen, was released last month much faster than expected.

Time magazine explained their election of The Person of the Year 2021 as follows: “Youssef Mahmoud worked selflessly 20 hours a day for almost two weeks to free the container ship Ever Given trapped in the Suez canal. ”

“The extraordinary efforts of Youssef Mahmoud saved almost 20% or one-fifth of the world’s trade flows. Due to his work, he prevented another global trade crisis,” explained a Time representative.

Cover of the Time ‘Person of the Year 2021’ issue

As a result, Time magazine decided that there was no reason to wait until the end of the year to nominate this year’s person and announced the person of 2021 already in April.

Time is a news magazine and website published in the United States and headquartered in New York. The printed number of the paper edition reaches almost 2 million copies

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