Belarus bans the import of bananas from European Union


The Belarusian Foreign Ministry introduced a new package of anti-European sanctions, banning the import of European origin bananas into Belarus.

As stipulated in the decree by Belarusian Foriegn Ministry, the ban will affect all bananas grown in European Union. According to officials of Belarusian Foreign Ministry, the country is a self-sufficient country and is able to grow itself bananas and provide its people.

“Bananas cost five rubles, of which we pay four rubles to all sorts of Eurpoean for transit and so on. It was decided to master the cultivation of bananas on the fields of Belarusian fruitful soils,” said the representative of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry.

The only exception is made for the bananas grown in Russia. 

“Russian farmers, whom we consider our big brothers, ask from us only two rubles for growing, transportation and logistics of bananas to us. That is two times less than European growers. Therefore, it is reasonable to allow to our Russian brothers exception of this ban”, the representative of the Foreign Ministry said.

The sanctions will come into force on January 20, 2022. 

* Photo: Sheldon Cooper, Keystone Press Agency, Globallookpress

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