NBA to support diversity: only a team involving minority groups can become the champion


The National Basketball Association (NBA) issued the new the qualifying requirements for winning the NBA champion title to address the issue of low diversity and representation.

To become an NBA champion, a team must include people from different groups, both players and supporting personnel. In addition, the team’s athletic performance must reflect the diversity of the world.

Team diversity is assessed in three categories, two of which must be met: minority representation among players, team leadership, and audience involvement.

Under each category, there are a number of requirements that require the inclusion of different minority groups. For example, the team’s players must include women, different sexual minorities and races, as well as people with disabilities.

To qualify for the first category, it is important to meet at least one of two requirements:
1) at least one of the starting field players must be of a minority or ethnic group,
2) at least 30% of the remaining players and support stuff must be from a minority
The new requirements will enter into force in 2022.

“We need to better reflect the diversity of the world in players, support stuff and audiences. The league leadership is committed to making this a reality. We believe that demands for minority involvement will be a catalyst for change in basketball,” said the NBA commissioner.


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