NEW GODZILLA IS COMING! Japan to breed Godzilla-like beast by discharging radioactively contaminated water from Fukushima nuclear power plant into the ocean


Japan has announced that their genetics are planning to breed a new version of Godzilla, a giant creature that once brought horror around the world.

This time, however, the genetics hope to breed a much friendlier and peace-loving beast.

Genetics plan to release the radioactively contaminated water used to cool the Fukushima nuclear power plant in the ocean to breed the new giant Godzilla/like beast.

The scientists plan to filter out the most high-level radioactive particles from the cooling water discharged into the ocean. However, some low-level radioactive particles are left in the water and poured into the ocean.

Japanese genetics hope that low-level radioactive particles released into the ocean will cause moderate gene mutations in species living in Fukushima waters.

The experiments carried out under laboratory conditions, demonstrated that the low radiation mutated the genetics of some ocean species, that within 3-4 generation their genes had mutated to the level to be ready for creation of a new Godzilla-like creature.

Japanese genetics now hope to repeat the experience in the real-life ocean conditions.

According to one of genetics the initial experiences were promising, and now the hopes for success are high, and genetics believe that over the next few years the are able to bread a new Godzilla out of local marine species.

Japanese genetics promised, that if they succeed with breading a new Godzilla, they will bread new real-life Ninja Turtles next.

China, Taiwan and South Korea, the neighboring countries of Japan, are observing the Japanese experiment with high attention. Those countries have already expressed their opinion that should Japanese genetics be successful with breading a new Godzilla, then those countries must also be allowed to bread similar beasts to their own.

Only having their own Godzilla-like beast be each that country, will guarantee peace and balance in the region.

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