Now you can check your health with a simple urine test! Helps also to detect the corona virus!


Due to the overload of the medical system caused by the corona virus, researchers have invented a method that makes it very easy for any person to control their health.

One quick urine test is enough to check your health. According to the new method, you do not have to consult your family doctor or any laboratory for a urine test. Instead, a quick urine test can be performed in a natural environment – for example, in a forest, park, any green area, etc.

The test is very easy – just pee under a tree closest to you. After that, wait for the results of the urine test:

  • If ants run to your urine, you have high blood sugar
  • If flies fly to your urine, you have inflammation in your body
  • If your urine dries out quickly, you have too much salt in your body
  • If your urine smells like meat, your body’s cholesterol level is too high
  • If you forgot to take off your pants before peeing, you have Alzheimer
  • If you tried to take off your pants but did not succeed, you have Parkinson’s disease
  • If you do not smell urine, you have corona virus

When performing a urine test, be sure to follow the 2 yards principle. Otherwise the results of your urine test may be affected by the urine of a bystander and, as a result, the results of your test may be inaccurate!

By using a new simple urine test, you will not burden your doctor or your local medical system!

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