Russia to introduce a new corona vaccine ‘Smirnoff V’

Smirnoff V

Russian announced on Thursday the registration of a new vaccine for the coronavirus in the world. The new vaccine will be called ‘Smirnoff V’ in honor of long vodka producing traditions in Russia.

No side effects except slight hang over symptoms

Wide clinical trials of the vaccine Smirnoff V have been completed during several hundred years among the population of Russian. The trial results have shown no dangerous side effects, except for a short-term hangover symptoms on patients who were practicing excess consumption of the vaccine.

Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology – which developed the pioneering vaccine – said the vaccine is based on a well-researched scientific platform dating back decades.

“The same platform was used to develop vaccines against Ebola, MERS, and a number of other diseases. It allowed the creation of an Ebola vaccine within a fairly short period of 15 months, which later was highly assessed by the WHO (World Health Organization),” said the representative of research institute.

Suitable also for children and the elderly

The research institute informed that the same vaccine will be used for children and the elderly but of course in lighter dosages.  

As for the elderly, the institute has tested the new Smirnoff V vaccine on group on elderly people on weekly basis for last five months and no side effects or complaints were registered. The test group of the elderly become just merrier and vital after receiving their weekly dosages.

According to its instruction for use, it can be used for people age 18-60 and can be combined with other antigens, including against the flu.

For maximum effect, the new Smirnoff X vaccine has to be injected at an interval of two or three weeks, giving the immune system time to calm down after activation, provoked by the introduction of foreign substances.

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