Vaccine manufacturers to deliver the first batch of vaccines not including 5G chips due to global lack of computer chips

5G free vaccine

Bad news for all Soros and Gates fans – major vaccine manufacturers announced today that due to an unprecedented shortage of computer chips around the world, they will no longer be able to add 5G nanochips into their vaccines.

According to vaccine manufacturers, they will start to add 5G nanochips to corona vaccines again as soon as the chip supply resumes.

There is no one culprit to blame

“Unfortunately, we have to announce that we will temporarily suspend addition of the 5G nanochips to our vaccines and supply the customers with a corona vaccine that has only one purpose and effect – to fight the coronavirus,” Peter Steer of Pfizer said.

“At least in the coming months, people will be injected with a so-called pure vaccine that does not contain any 5G nanoparticles, which means that these recipients of the pure vaccine will not, at least initially, receive biorobots or mobile 5G human antennas,” Steer added sadly.

Pfizer is also followed by Astra Zeneca spokesperson Tara Joher, who said supplies of 5G nanochips to them were cut off due to a number of large-scale problems.

5G chip supply is expected to resume soon

“The global pandemic, the global warming, the trade wars, fires, droughts, snowstorms, and of course Trump’s presidency have coincided with unprecedented demand for computer chips,” explained Astra Zeneca.

This means that chips are currently only produced for equipment that is needed for emergencies.

“We sincerely hope that by the time of the second injection, when the time comes for the second injection, we can already offer a vaccine that again includes at least some portion of 5G nanoparticles,” said Astra Zeneca spokeswoman.

According to the National Health Board, the vaccination of people with the 5G chip free or the so-called pure vaccine to start already in May.

(Picture: Reuters)

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