Vladimir Putin has had no side effects after receiving Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine manufactured in Russia

Vaccinated Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that he had received the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, as the Kremlin struggles to convince a skeptical public about the benefits of inoculation.

“I thought that I needed to be protected as long as possible. So I chose to be vaccinated with Sputnik V,” Putin said during his annual phone-in session where the public submit questions to the president.

“After the first shot, I didn’t feel anything at all. About four hours later, there was some tenderness where I had the shot. I did the second [shot] at midday. At midnight, I measured my temperature. It was 37.2 [Celsius]. I went to sleep, woke up and my temperature was 36.6. That was it,” Putin said in comments translated by Reuters.

“I can confirm to the whole country and to my all fellow Russians, that so far I have not had any other side effects”, Putin confirmed.

During his annual marathon call-in on Wednesday, all viewers could saw, that the president Putin indeed had no obvious side effects caused by Sputnik V corona vaccine:

Putin said Wednesday that he still opposes mandatory vaccinations but said that the regional orders and restrictions are legal.

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